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at specific areas or parts of their disability.  Children, when worked with in their natural environment, tend to generalize what they learn much more effectively than exercises performed in a therapy gym.  Also, the family is able to be a part of the session, helping to encourage the child as well as helping in the follow through of treatment throughout the child’s day.  Children tend to progress faster in this model of therapy depending on the level of involvement in the home.


Many families would like to choose a private school education but due to their child’s needs for therapy, they stay in the public school system.  It is Blossom’s desire to serve your child where they need it, whether it is in their private school, preschool or daycare.  We can work with your child’s teacher to develop a plan for their classroom that will suit their therapy needs.


Specific training in:

  • Sensory Integration Therapy

  • Neurodevelopmental Therapy

  • Oral-Motor and Feeding Therapy

  • Visual and Vestibular Treatment

  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor


Blossom Pediatric Therapy was started by Mandy Dillinger, OTR/L, a registered and  licensed occupational therapist.  She has 14 years of experience working in pediatrics. Her primary experience has been in early childhood intervention (ECI), school systems and home health.  She has provided therapy around the country and overseas, serving military families in Landstuhl, Germany where she worked as an occupational therapist in the ECI program.  She has collaborated with developmental pediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists, physical therapists and other occupational therapists for individualized care of clients.  This has resulted in a broad range of information that is helpful in diagnosing and treating your child.


Her passion is working with the whole family to incorporate your child’s therapy into daily routines and fun, play-based exercises in your child’s natural environment (home, private school, preschool/daycare). This allows for focus to be on the whole child, not just looking

Blossom Pediatric Therapy Occupational San Antonio TX
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